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Teamwork makes the dream work!


Team Work

GraceSoft’s leaders have prepared the tools and service to bring transformation to countless businesses and properties. Catering to the hospitality industry for close to two decades, our dream team is ready to deliver effective, easy solutions to you.

Meet our Leadership 

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Gideon Stanley, CEO and Founder of Grace Software, Inc. designed the reservation system by combining his knowledge of the hospitality field with his experience in enterprise level technology. Always an innovator, Gideon has designed cloud systems for BP and Amazon. Gideon launched Grace Software Inc. in 1999 with the vision of helping customers succeed with an easy to use, reliable system. 

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Sarah Stanley has been with Grace Software, Inc. since its inception in 1999. Mrs. Stanley oversees policies, training and operation procedures for customer service, technical support and development departments. 

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Jose Pascua mentors entrepreneurs in economic development and youth education in dozens of nations. Jose Pascua has served as an advisor to Grace Software, Inc. since 2000 in Houston, Texas.  GraceSoft benefits from Jose Pascua’s wisdom, international experience, counsel and the Joshua Generation network of leaders. 

Our Team

Benjamin Deist

Advisor- Marketing



Technology Lead


Johnson Franklin

Board Tech



Product Support


Deepa Abraham

Tech Support



Sales Lead





Paul Thomas



Brenda Bayer



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