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Gift Happiness, Gift Memories: Explore Unforgettable Experiences with Our Certificates!

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Discover the Perfect Gift: Hotel Gift Certificates to
Enhance Guest Experiences

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  • Unlock the potential of your hotel's occupancy rates with the exclusive inclusion of Gift Certificates, a premium feature available with our Easy Innkeeping Advanced package.
  • Effortlessly generate personalized gift certificates and seamlessly distribute them via print or email to purchasers, empowering them to extend the gesture to friends, family members, or valued employees.
  • Each meticulously crafted gift certificate embodies a monetary credit, redeemable at the time of reservation either through our intuitive Online Booking Engine or conveniently at the Front Desk.
  • Make your gifts special by choosing certificates for different things like relaxing spa treatments, exciting tours, and delicious dining experiences. Our Gift Certificates add a luxurious and personalized touch to any celebration, making the art of giving even more special.

Gift Certificate Management: Tracking and Transparency

Explore the status of your Gift Certificates through our user-friendly Gift Certificate Report:

  • Sold out or Outstanding: When a certificate is sold, its status is reflected as "Sold out or Outstanding" in the Gift Certificate Report.
  • Used: Once a gift certificate is redeemed, its status is updated to "Used" for easy tracking.
  • Expired: Certificates past their expiration date will be marked with a status of "Expired."

Our intuitive Gift Certificate Report provides a quick overview based on these status updates, offering transparency and control over your gift certificate operations.