Best Reservation Software for Hotels in Nigeria

Ideal for hotels, motels, and resorts with 100 rooms or less

Easy to Use - Mobile Friendly- Live Support


"Gracesoft Easy Innkeeping is as straightforward as its title implies. Providing comprehensive calendar overviews, direct settlement options, a variety of reservation status classifications, efficient letter templates, and non-taxing performance requirements all but ensure my recommendation of the product to accommodation businesses of any size."
Jeremiah Ruel, Greenway Accommodations , Hay River, Canada.
One of the newest feature that have been implemented in GraceSoft's Easy Innkeeping to assist clients in Nigeria and other parts of Africa is the Paystack payment processing interface. This gateway has become one of the leading gateways in Africa used by over 70,000 businesses. Now GraceSoft users can easily integrate with Paystack gateway to easily process their credit cards within the software.