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Zero commissions are added to your preferred channels.

GraceSoft integrates with top booking platforms such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and Google, increasing your hotel's visibility and bookings globally..

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Streamline Your Hotel Bookings with Cutting-Edge Channel Management Solutions

Maximize your hotel's online visibility and boost bookings with our powerful channel management software. Effortlessly manage rates, inventory, and reservations across multiple online platforms, while saving time and maximizing revenue. Stay ahead of the competition and take control of your hotel's online presence with our innovative technology.

The faster you embrace technology, the better. Easy Innkeeping PMS and integration automatically updates your rates and availability on after every reservation with the click of a button! Also, boost your revenue by Using

Expedia  Expedia

Expedia integration with Easy InnKeeping will make your reservations flawless. You can now easily track your Expedia listings. To ensure that travellers can find the best deals on their upcoming trip, our PMS automatically updates Expedia after every single reservation and rate change.

Airbnb Airbnb

Easy Innkeeping's Airbnb integration automates guest reservations in real-time, giving your business access to millions of potential guests. The two-way connection adds your listings to the website and app, simplifying management and communication of dates and rates.

GoogleGoogle Hotel's free booking links

Introducing free booking links in Google Hotel Search. In addition, hoteliers can drive more direct bookings on their website by making it easy for customers to find and book with them.

Manage all your channels, rooms, and rates in one place

With top-notch OTA channels, you can increase your web presence and encourage more reservations.

OTA bookings with direct connect helps you

  • Save time and effort
  • Optimize Occupancy and Eliminate Over-bookings for Maximum Efficiency
  • Track and Enhance Your Performance
  • Real-Time Synchronization
OTA Bookings
OTA Calendar

Efficiently Manage Availability with the OTA Calendar

Efficiently manage OTA availability and prevent overbookings with the OTA Calendar. Easily view the rates and availability being communicated to OTA platforms. Control and block specific room types during busy periods to avoid relocation fees. Stay in control of your OTA presence and optimize your bookings

Managing Room Availability

GraceSoft's Hotel Channel Manager provides you with the tools to efficiently manage room availability through OTA Mapping. This feature enables you to seamlessly open or close rooms for online travel agencies (OTAs).

Close rooms to prevent OTA bookings for specific types, ensuring inventory control during peak periods and avoiding overbookings and relocation fees.

Open rooms allow OTAs to access your property's available room types, maximizing your property's reach to potential guests. Balancing open and closed rooms is crucial for optimizing revenue and ensuring a seamless booking experience for your guests.

Managing Room Availability

Get highest reach

Our channel manager integrates with the top distribution channels to make your property get the highest reach.

The partnerships keep growing and so is your visibility!

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