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CRM Software

Web Based Guest CRM Software for Hotel & Travel Industry



Nurture relationships & engage your guests

  • Use bulk and auto E-mail to engage with customers and guests based on their interests and past interactions with your company
  •  Use E-Connect to build new corporate, event or group clientele.
  • Create lead profiles, assign sales staff to new leads & schedule call back dates and reminders.
  • Use E-Connect as an integrated feature with Easy InnKeeping property management software (Advanced or Premium versions) or as a standalone solution



Automate confirmation emails & greetings

  • Setup personalized guest confirmation emails.
  • Automate confirmation, pre-checkin, thank you emails and birthday or anniversary wishes.
  • Select from a wide range of email templates to create newsletters and email campaigns.

Your Outbound Marketing Made Easy!

  • Create graphical emails with customized messages for specific group of customers.
  • Send personalized promotion materials and offer opportunities to purchase or upgrade their reservations.
  • Create an awareness drive about your property via email; communicate your distinct brand, services and differentiators.

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