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Magnetic card Reader

Magnetic card Reader

Speed up your check-ins with this swipe card reader! Swipe the card, click a button and the card data will load into your Easy InnKeeping screen.
 • Three-track magnetic card reader can be used to swipe and read the  magnetic stripe on the back of a credit or debit card or another magnetic stripe card
• Configuration of the reader enables cards to be swiped backward or forward 
• Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption helps protect transaction data and prevent unauthorized access
• Built-in, 6' USB cable can be connected to a computer to transmit card data and power the reader

E-Signature Pad

E-Signature Pad

Protect yourself from credit card disputes and chargebacks by collecting signatures, that can be saved digitally in Easy InnKeeping!
• Topaz pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad 
• High quality biometric and forensic capture techniques with a touchpad and stylus 
• Featuring a touchpad (protected by an optional replaceable overlay for longer life) and stylus, this model series shows the signature on the computer screen 
• USB interface

ID scanner

ID scanner

- The ability to scan a Driver’s License or Passport directly into GraceSoft

- IDScan Connect supports ID and Passports from across the globe

- Low Monthly subscription cost includes updates

- Windows Operating System compatible

- Supports the SnapShell R2 and SnapShell Passport Hardware

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