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Breakthrough Overview

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Breakthrough Release

We're excited to announce that the next major update to Easy Innkeeping is almost here. We've spent the last few months refinishing our software to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, while retaining its core functionalities with completely new screens and looks.

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Major fixes with this update:


(12 September 2022)

- Report - Some classic report will considered the end date while using custom dates search and some not. In new reports, all reports will not include the end date in the result as consistent.

- Calendar - When mouseover the reservation, on the popup, added referral and paid to display.

- Calendar - At the bottom of the calendar, added the days for better viewing when the calendar is scrolled down.

- Main Left Menu - Added the scrolling arrows to scroll up and down the left menus.

- Billing - Added the ability to process the payment for a new credit card details of a different guest for split billing payments

- Report - Added the new housekeeping report

( 23 August 2022)

- Reservation and Billing - When modifying a reservation on new version with two rooms booked on classic causing issue has been resolved

- Reservation and Billing - When opening a classic reservation on the new version, the totals were not showing correctly issue has been resolved

- Reports - Data conflicts in the reports such as Financial, Tax, Occupancy, POS, Reservation, and Condo have been resolved

- POS - Billing earlier used to show price and total as the same without including quantity, now total will be adjusted based on Quantity.

- POS - Discount used was not shown on Billing and was resolved

(12 August 2022)

-When modifying the classic reservation on the new breakthrough version, the rates were not updated has been resolved.

(10 August 2022)

- Adding the discount to the reservation screen issue has fixed

- Tax Exempt - Change the functionality to Check the checkbox to apply tax exempt

- Lodging Tax vs. Split Tax - Based on the default settings (Tax Breakdown on Invoice), the taxes will be displayed

- Room Rate Editor - Added the ability to enter decimal values

- Move and Move here - Added the feature of move and move here of a reservation on the calendar screen

- Messaging - Added the ability to print the letters

- Rate Editor - Added the ability to change the whole stay of the reservation along with the particular day's edit.

- Gift Certificate - Added the functionality of adding a Gift Certificate on the billing screen

- Billing - Fixed the swipe card functionality

- Reservation - Added the functionality of the Save and Close button

Things in Progress


1. Mobile Optimization

2. Browser Compatibility (Supports Firefox on all platforms)

3. Group Booking - Opening existing reservation and Regular Reservation group code implementation

4. Access Levels

5. Report - Extend 180 days restriction


6. Policy Signature Billing - PMS

7. Housekeeping - Showing dirty on calendar and continuous dirty status

8. Creating new custom report

9. Design improvements

10. Usability improvements


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