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Easy InnKeeping Can Help Manage your Condo & Vacation Rental Units

Easy InnKeeping ASP is great solution as a Condo & Vacation Rental Management Software. Easy InnKeeping allows you to have a web based system that is easy to access from any internet connection.  In addition to the property management software, the solution also includes an online booking engine for your web site. The online booking engine can be customized and blended to match your current web site design for a professional look and feel, and allows your guest to make a reservation that downloads directly into your property management software.  
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Hotel Reservation Software - Why go web-based?

While its staying power is a testament to the development and quality of the desktop version of Easy InnKeeping, technology and software development moves at a rapid pace. So it was no surprise that many users of Easy InnKeeping 3.2 or 4.0 discovered that their old software was not completely compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7.  A big surprise though, to many of those customers when they called to find out about upgrading, was finding out that Easy InnKeeping is now in the cloud, aka web-based.
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Can Social Media Help You Get More Hotel Reservations?

There’s no doubt about it. These days a small business has to be aware of the role the internet, and all the various social media sites on the internet, plays in successfully marketing the business. But I know first- hand that navigating through the maze of information and how-to’s can be overwhelming.
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Happy Valentine's Day! from Easy InnKeeping

I'm way too late with this article to do anything for this year's Valentine's Day, but I've been sitting here getting caught up in the romance of the day and started thinking about which of the many properties that use Easy InnKeeping as their Property Management Software would make for a great romantic getaway spot.
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Finding New Ways to Market Online

I was asking about Easy InnKeeping's and GraceSoft's company history, so I could incorporate a bit of it into the blog, and hit paydirt. Gideon Stanley, Grace Software's CEO wrote articles for several monthly publications, and while some parts of these articles may be a bit dated, the information in the articles is still useful.
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Mass Emailing to Guests Using Your Property Management Software

We all know marketing is an important aspect of business, and using the internet adds many more options. There’s company websites and blogs (J), facebook, twitter. But sometimes it helps to take a more direct approach, and contact the people you know are already interested in staying at your hotel, motel, b&b or vacation rental. You know, previous guests – people who have stayed there before and might be very interested in finding out what your latest promo or package deal is.
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Email Options in Easy InnKeeping

Communication with your guests is very important, especially for the guest during the reservation process, but also for you, the property owner/manager/staff.  Email is a quick and efficient way for hotels, motels, b&bs, resorts, and other properties to send confirmation letters, invoice letters, or deposit receipts to their guests. Reminders for upcoming reservations as well as thank you letters following a guest stay can also be sent. Previous guests can be sent monthly newsletters or upcoming promotional offers.
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Hotel Reservation Software the Easy InnKeeping Way

Want a quick introduction to how hotel reservation software can work for you? Check out this video showing you how easy it is to use Easy InnKeeping property management software.
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Manage Online Bookings on Your Phone

“Is there an app for that?”  How many times have you heard that in the past several years? Being electronically connected has become very important, and people have come to rely on the convenience of smart phones, I-pads and other tablets. While at times it may seem constant smart phone usage is a nuisance, many people are not only adapting to the changes, but embracing them.
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Easy InnKeeping has entered the blogosphere!

That's right. Not only can you reach us here at Easy InnKeeping by phone, email or live chat, but now we will be sharing more about our company and our property management software, as well as training and tips to get the most out of Easy InnKeeping. 
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