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Suits all types of properties that take online reservations.



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Online Reservation Software

Our online reservation software integrates with all features you want to run your business more efficiently.


Exciting Features of Easy InnKeeping Reservation software:

it manages bookings from multiple sources such as your reservation desk, call center, website bookings, and online travel agents such as Expedia and Plus, it automatically updates the latest availability to all your booking platforms

Email & text messaging

Built-in Emails & text messaging:

*Communicate with your guests through emails & text messaging, notify them of their   check-inns & check-outs.

*Also, send marketing emails & SMS to your guests.

Credit Card Processing:

Hotel Management Software offers guests a secure and easy way to make online payments. Guests can make reservations 24/7 and get paid after they book. Hotel Management Software offers a variety of payment processors to choose from, so you can get the best rate for your business. With Hotel Management Software, you can stop the manual credit card process and get paid faster.

credit card processing

GraceSoft's OTA

Marketing Channels: (OTA)

With our OTA platform, you can directly connect with top booking sites like and Expedia in order to sell your rooms at the best price!

*Seamless management of multiple booking channels

*Automatic availability updates

*User-friendly interface

*Intuitive design

Customer Relationship Manager

*Integrate the online reservation software with the CRM for better communication with your guests.

*Store your guest profiles, Automate confirmation emails & greetings.

*Communicate with guests easily with emails & SMS.

*Integration with hotel CRM - E-Connect

Customer relationship manager (CRM)
POS system

Point of Sale system (Easy WebPOS):

*Spice Up your Restaurants and Gift Shops with Easy WebPOS 
& gradually improve your revenue.
*Set up unique promotions and discounts to further entice your customers!

Seamless Integrations:

It's easy to integrate our payment gateway with your favourite providers.We offer secure integrations for PayPal, Stripe, and so that you can start accepting payments on the spot! We integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics, Facebook, and QuickBooks. This way you can keep your business up-to-date on all the stats without having to do any extra work!

GraceSoft's payment gateways
GraceSoft's online booking engine

Online booking engine &

Property management system:

*Sync Rates and Room availability in real time between your PMS and Online Booking Engine.

*Get unique online bookings without double bookings.

Other Top Features:

*Cloud-based online reservation system – Can be accessed from anywhere

*Multi-language Interface

*Various reservation options are available – Quick reservation, Hourly reservation, Group reservation, Package reservation, etc.

*Reservation calendar, direct billing

*You can set reservation rules such as minimum nights and seasonal rates.

*Ability to run various types of reports, including night audits and financial reports.

*Capture booking from all devices - like mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.

*Flexible pricing - depends upon your required features.

Easy InnKeeping Benefits:
24X7 support / PCI compliance / Demo & Free trial / Training


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