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How to choose the best hotel booking engine? - GraceSoft

A hotel booking engine is an application it helps hotels to get direct online reservations for their property to maximize their ROI.


COVID-19 pandemic affects hotel industry

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The hospitality industry changed a lot, we know now the reservations are picking up well than in the year 2020 & the first half of the year 2021. So it is the right time to use the opportunity to pick up your business & take control of your guest relationships.

Now the guests are looking for direct bookings, so you need to choose the right hotel booking engine. So choose the best booking engine for your hotel & drive more & increase your revenue.


Learn how to choose the best hotel booking engine here.

When choosing an online booking engine for your lodging property,

you should consider all the below points:


  • What are the Integrations they are providing
  • Features of the online booking engine
  • Brand value
  • How much is the product secure
  • Set up & pricing of the product.
  • User-experience & Mobile-friendly design
  • Training & support services (after-sale support)


Booking engine top features

Key features of the booking engine:

Before you start to use the product, you should ask the provider all your questions about the booking engine you need to know

  • How will the product make your direct bookings easier &
         how it helps your guests to book easily?
  • What are the integrations they are providing &
         how much it helps your business to increase your ROI?
  • How do guest payments get processed?
  • How will it improve the guest relationships?
  • After-sale support & services



Seamless user experience & mobile-friendly design

User-experience & Mobile-friendly design:

User experience is an essential concern because it plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. it should satisfy the customer whenever they use the product.

The booking engine should satisfy any visitor when they come to your website to book & know the room availability & rates.

With more than 50% of bookings coming from mobile devices, it is essential to have a design that works well on the go. If you want to get more bookings from all devices, choose the booking engine accessible by any devices like mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.



Booking engine integrations capability

Integrations Capability:

The booking engine can integrate with all the feature modules like Channel manager, POS, PMS etc.

You Should be able to integrate with top-class OTA channels to increase the reach, bookings & revenue.



hotel data securitySecurity:

Security is an essential thing for doing any business in the market. Likewise, the hotel industry needs a secure payment process whenever the guests book the room through online transactions.

To secure payment processing, you should choose the booking engine that connects to secure payment providers.


booking engine provider's brand value

Brand Value:

Before buying the product, you should know about the provider’s brand value, how long they have been in the industry & serving the lodging properties. How many clients they have and what are the countries they are serving, etc.

If possible, get valuable feedback from the existing clients of the provider.



support services for hotel software


Training & support:

It is not easy to use the new product without proper training and also it is not easy to use the product consistently for a long time without the appropriate support services.

So choose the booking engine provider to provide the proper after-sale support like Training & Support services.



Hotel booking engine pricing

Set up & pricing:

Budget is the central part of the business for the hotels to run profitably choose the hotel booking engine that has all the features & qualities you want in the product.

Mainly concern that the product you want to purchase has the following features such as integration with a PMS, Channel Manager, mobile responsiveness, connecting to payment providers, merchant services, etc.

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