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Mass Emailing to Guests Using Your Property Management Software

We all know marketing is an important aspect of business, and using the internet adds many more options. Having a property management software

We all know marketing is an important aspect of business, and using the internet adds many more options. There are company websites and blogs (J), Facebook, Twitter. But sometimes it helps to take a more direct approach, and contact the people you know are already interested in staying at your hotel, motel, b&b, or vacation rental. You know, previous guests – people who have stayed there before and might be very interested in finding out what your latest promo or package deal is.

To help simplify things for property owners and managers who use Easy InnKeeping as their property management software, there’s a way to send email blasts out to anyone in your guest database that you have an email address for.

In Reports>Letters, create the letter you want to use for your mass email. Use a title that tells you what the promotion is, or gives a date or both (i.e., Spring Break 2012 Promo).  Once you have your letter written and saved, check the box next to that letter in the Letters List. Then click on the Merge Letter button.

When the box titled Query Options opens, use the following settings:

  • Give your mass email a name in the Mail Name box
  • For Field, select Email from the dropdown menu
  • For Comparison, select Is Not Blank
  • If you want to sort by any other fields, you may. But it’s not a necessary step. The mass emails will still get sent.

You may need to make the Query Options box a little bigger to find it, but at the bottom of the box click on the button marked Email. On the page that is displayed, you should see a list of all the guests in your database for whom you have collected an email address.

  • Fill in your subject line (i.e. Holiday Greetings from Easy InnKeeping). It’s always a good idea to include the name of your property in the subject line. You want to catch people’s attention as soon as they see the email.
  • If there is anyone on your list that you don’t want to send the email to, put a checkmark in the box next to that guest name and click on Delete
  • Click on Preview to see how the letter will look
  • Close Preview, and then click on Send 50 emails. The first 50 emails will be sent, and then emails will continue to be sent in batches of 50 until all the guests in your guest database with an email address have been sent an email.
Once you have your letter written, it really is that easy to use Easy InnKeeping to help promote your hotel, motel, hostel, b&b, or vacation rentals.

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