Most Popular Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels | Gracesoft

Most Popular Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels | Gracesoft

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Most Popular Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels | Gracesoft


Are you a small hotel owner? Are you looking for a PMS ideal for your needs and budget? If so, then we provide the perfect solution! Unfortunately, small hotels often struggle to find the best PMS software for their needs. Hotel PMS is one of the most important tools for any hotelier. You can use it to manage reservations, employee schedules, track inventory, and much more. This blog post will introduce you to the more popular options available on our website. So that you can make a well-informed decision about which one is right for your establishment!

The best PMS Software varies depending on your needs - there are free or low-cost options available if you have a small hotel with only a few rooms or not many employees. Moreover, these programs are easy to use and feature robust capabilities for your business to grow without needing an expensive upgrade! Nowadays, choosing the right PMS system for your business has become crucial because it helps manage things smoothly.


Why Capterra selected Gracesoft’s Easy Innkeeping

in the 3 Most Popular Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels

We’ve been selected as the top 3 most popular Hotel Software because we offer all functionality that small property needs to keep moving forward. In addition, we cover a wide range of PMS functionality with POS With transactions and more.

Keeping up with the business is not always easy. That’s why we provide some of the essential key features to any hotelier, like Centralized channel management and pre-built report templates that are automatically updated every time there’s a change or new booking event added into your system!

We also provide Online Booking Engine, which seamlessly integrates with your website, so it’ll be easier than ever for potential guests to book their reservations in just one place.


When it comes to pricing, we make it super affordable and reasonable. At a starter of $59 per month, we provide the basic hotel management software that a small hotel requires. In addition, we provide additional features to make your business more reliable and efficient on Advanced and premium.

Also, we do provide 24/7 customer service and engage you with all kinds of functionality.

What it took us to be a top 3 software provider

We are committed to providing the best possible customer experience with every project. Our goal is that you’ll feel like a valued client, which means by listening closely and meeting your needs in any way we can, whether they be large or small!

We are very excited to be on the top 3 list for Capterra. We are also grateful to our employees, partners, and customers who made this possible. It was a long journey. This article will help you learn about some of the best PMS systems suitable for small hotels like yours based on price range and other features.


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