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Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks!


Last weekend’s global cyberattack is another reminder, that as business owners diligence in updating your digital security is vital! Most computers affected, were systems that had outdated anti-virus and/or operating systems.

This particular cyber attack involved “Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over a computer and locks the user out, preventing them from accessing any files until they pay money. This particular program, called WannaCry, asks for about $300, though the price increases over time.”

protect your business from cyberattacks and hackers

Here are some steps you can take on a REGULAR basis to protect yourself.

  • Install Microsoft software updates. If this is not automated, now is the time to turn on the ‘automatic update’ feature!
  • Install anti-virus updates automatically (We usually recommend AVG or Norton to our clients). Enable email scanning options in your Antivirus program.
  • Either Daily or at least weekly run a backup of your files.
  • Stay alert. DON’T open emails from addresses you don’t recognize, be sure to read the details of the EMAIL ADDRESS. A lot of malwares and ransomwares would ‘disguise’ itself as a trusted contact. For example you may see an email from your friend Sally Monson, but the email address will not be , it will be something like