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We know that the hospitality industry is competitive. As a hotelier, you are always looking for ways to improve your business. One way to do this is by investing in software that will help increase your revenue and keep your guests happy.

The software can help with scheduling, guest management, inventory control, financials, or day-to-day operations. But how do you know if the software will work well with your specific needs? This blog post discusses what to look for when choosing a hotel software solution. So now that we have talked about why it’s crucial to invest in hotel software, what should you be looking out for when selecting one? We’ll cover some general considerations first before diving into specifics.

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Google booking links

A new program by Google

Google is making it easier and more affordable for travelers to book their next trip! Introducing free booking links in Google Hotel Search. In addition, hoteliers can drive more direct bookings on their website by making it easy for customers to find and book with them. So how do you get started? There’s no need to wait! Just install Google Booking Links into your site!


Google’s Free Booking Links and its functions

Listing links for free bookings appear when travelers look to find rooms at a given hotel. However, Google has changed the game by launching Free Booking Links. Now, Google Hotel Search will expose an individual property’s direct booking engine on their site for free! In addition, Google is now offering free advertising for lodging businesses. No longer do they have to pay with money or time, as any eligible property that has rates and availability synced via an integration partner will get displayed on Google’s direct booking engine of the search page in the form of a ‘Google Hotel Ad.’

Website highlights

Updates from our side

Website Highlights

Our team is constantly adding new updates to our website, and this time we have added features that will help you get an SEO-friendly or mobile-friendly site. You can use templates either way with the latest changes! Here are some benefits you will get when obtaining an updated website.

Click on this link to know more about the new updates:

We do provide two Package. Please refer to the above link for more details.


Increase bookings- using our customized website with SEO optimization.

Which includes:

Professional and modern templates designed for the hotel industry.
The new integrated booking engine offers a seamless, custom experience.

Fully Responsive: Delivers an excellent customer experience on every
device – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

SEO friendly: Adheres to SEO best practices to ensure the hoteliers’ 
property ranks in Google search.

Analytics: Our analytics dashboard makes data-driven decisions to improve 
marketing strategies.

24/7/365 Support: Included support makes it easy for hoteliers to obtain in country support.


New reservation calendar

We are so excited about our new reservation calendar! It has all sorts of features that make it easy to book and manage your reservations. We are still working on a test version right now, but it will be released for staff testing once I perfect it. In addition, we are
also redesigning our website’s calendar page--you’ll see an updated design soon enough as well.


Reservation screen with updated UI


The Updated reservation screen is very reliable and easy to use. From the moment you enter your information, everything proceeds smoothly with an easy-to-follow path that leads all of us towards our destination: checking into this beautiful villa or bucolic B&B for two nights! We have updated its UI (user interface). Hence, as not only be more attractive but also provide even better service by making specific processes such as updating/reserving easier than ever before. 


Point of sale integration

POS (Point of sale system)

The team has been hard at work, and we have a ton of new updates for you! First, the new and improved POS is here! Second, the user interface has been completely redesigned to be more accessible, which will make it easier than ever for you. Not only that but in just a couple of days, we’ll have all these updates rolled out with bells on, too, so get ready because things are about to go boom soon enough. 


Text messaging feature

Text messaging (SMS)

We have also added text messaging.

Hoteliers are using text messages as a tool to provide information about customers’ reservations, such as room numbers and checkout times. Texting is the new way to communicate, and it can save you time. So we’ve added text messaging to our service! Now you can reach out and touch your guests faster than ever before. Keep them updated about reservations or any new updates through the power of auto-texts. Text messaging provides convenience for both parties because it eliminates phone calls or emails that take up more of our precious resources.


The future of business is here.
If you are looking to stay ahead in your industry, it’s time for an upgrade! So please stop by today and let us show you the features and updates that will make your company more efficient than ever before. We have our sales team ready to walk you through all the ways our services can help, so come on down!
Let’s start making this year your best yet with these new additions. 


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