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Upgraded email delivery system | Assured Delivery to your Recipient’s Inbox!

Assured Delivery to your Recipient’s Inbox!

On November 5th, GraceSoft completed migration to an upgraded email delivery system, improving the rate of deliverability for all emails sent through Easy InnKeeping, Church Reservation and Easy WebRez applications. With the ever-present challenge of limiting spam and phishing emails; stricter measures are now required to ensure delivery of legitimate emails.  “Communication is the lifeblood of an organization” and the new email platform, implemented with SendGrid technology ensures that your reservation, marketing and confirmation emails reach your guests and members (Asa Don Brown, Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace)!

E mail Editor

The new email delivery platform will improve the sending process, but not change any of the Reservation and Confirmation letters in your application.   Earlier this year GraceSoft released a new letter editor, if you have not yet taken advantage of the improved image and formatting options, you can watch the Help video here.

Automated email

For customers with Advanced or Premium packages you have the option to automate email responses to your guests. Using the hotel CRM software, you can create a series of customized emails to be sent automatically for online bookings, confirmation, pre check-in and post check-in communications.

GraceSoft Email forwarding

To comply with the new email delivery process, an email forwarding option has been implemented for many of our clients. Emails will be delivered through to the property email you have defined in Easy InnKeeping. If you would like any updates done to this email address, please submit your changes here.


Help Instructions are below for configuring Gmail, Microsoft email and other email providers.