Post hurricane update

Post hurricane update for hoteliers and citizens of Houston. Updates on the relief work by Somebody cares and ipray on campus.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while our office was closed due to Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully our staff here has weathered the storm so far, and office location is in very good shape.

Our team has been working along with Somebody Cares and iPray on Campus, helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. Somebody Cares continues to engage in the massive relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Truckloads of supplies are being brought in and distributed throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region. Hot meals are still being provided by the

thousands every day. Clean up teams are being dispatched from partner churches. Gift cards are being given to churches for individuals in their communities who lost so much. Assistance is being offered to churches that are reaching out in the midst of their own need. And even three weeks after the storm slammed ashore, we are still uncovering new needs and communities that have not yet received critical supplies!

iPray on Campus has collected donations and distributed more than 100 school backpacks with supplies for children affected in the floods. With the late school start all across our region, we are continuing this distribution effort.

A number of our client properties were also affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, GraceSoft is offering to waive software costs as these businesses go through the recovery process.  Many other properties in the region are housing victims affected by flooding and wind damage.  If any hotels have queries on special tax exemptions due to the disaster, you can visit Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' website.

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