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Easy InnKeeping - Working Behind the Scenes

In 2012, we have been upgrading some very key and core functions in Easy InnKeeping, our property management software.


In 2012, we have been upgrading some very key and core functions in Easy InnKeeping. As with any important event like parties, weddings or banquets; there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes.  Nobody sees the kitchen where many are hard at work for many hours, but all appreciate the meal when it’s served!  To make Easy InnKeeping work smoothly for you in 2012, our development team has put many hours into some key pieces of your software.


We want to take this time to let you know what has been happening ‘behind the scenes.’


UTC – Universal Time Coordinate!

As Easy InnKeeping has continued to expand to various time zones, and continents; it became vital to provide more flexibility in various date formats and to allow each property to define their particular time zone in the system.


If you use Online Reservations, please be SURE to define your time zone, and check-in and check-out times in Easy InnKeeping.


Time Zone in Easy InnKeeping


To assign your Time Zone go to the menu Features>>Option Settings. In the new section Date & TimeZone Settings, please select the time zone of your locality and Save.


Option Settings

 time zone - easy innkeeping software





Account Code Standards


Another function growing in use is the ability to create ‘account codes.’  Properties have great flexibility in creating these ‘account codes’ for meals and beverages, amenities, vacation tours or packages, gift shop items and much, much more.  As more properties began to create custom account codes, some inconsistencies surfaced.  In March of 2012, our development team standardized the way account codes are categorized and stored in the database.


The account code update was not even visible to our clients, but a few properties with custom codes, may have noticed this change and were instructed to conform their categories to the new standards.  Overall, the standardization provides for more consistency and accuracy and was well worth the effort! 


Taking Rooms and Rates out of Active Inventory


For some seasonal properties or condo management companies, rental units can be moved in and out of their availability calendar.   Now Easy InnKeeping offers an easy way to temporarily remove a room, without deleting its reservation history.


Unit Active/Inactive

The Unit module is enhanced with the option of designating a unit to be Active or Inactive based on the needs of the property.


When option “No” selected and saved then the unit will become Inactive.

Inactive units will not appear in the reservation screens for new bookings.


7.8 Upgrade Completed March 31


  • Account Code Standardization
  • UTC implemented for Online Reservations
  • New Condo Management Reports
  • Designating Units and Rates as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’


Coming Soon – Variable Taxes


During the first week of May, some of our properties noticed a change in tax calculations as a new ‘variable tax’ feature was being tested.  By the end of May the changes will move from our test system to Easy InnKeeping. For most of our client properties, the ‘variable tax’ will have no effect on their existing tax structure.  “Variable taxes” will allow properties with various locations and tax requirements to manage all their units within one Easy InnKeeping login. 

Stay informed about Easy InnKeeping updates!

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