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Comprehensive Reservation System, Easy InnKeeping; your ONE STOP SHOP

Easy InnKeeping (PMS) 

Your success is our success. Gracesoft provides Easy to Use & Learn solutions that are comprehensive and easy to access from anywhere.  Easy InnKeeping is a hospitality suite that is a One-Stop-Shop where websites, web booking engines, email marketing, and property management are all tied together into one easy-to-use product.  It is ideal for multi-property entities as well as hotels, motels, condos, inns, or B&B’s.  You will love the way our hospitality management system integrates all critical operations in one platform.


Easy InnKeeping is designed and developed for hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds, condominiums, timeshare, and resorts.  Whether it is for the front desk, back office, staff management, restaurants, gift shops, or travel agents you work with, your team will get great results from our integrated system.  Stay connected to your customers by extending access to your gift shops and restaurants with our POS features:

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Enterprise Property Management System (Multiple Property Solution)

As a small or mid-sized property, you can acquire a solution for all of your property and technical needs with our comprehensive property management system.  The Enterprise solution allows you to quickly switch from one database to another, to gain quick access to your reservations, reports, and more with one login. You can manage the staff rights to give them access to each individual property or allow them to help make reservations for any property with one login. 


Electronic Device Interfaces

Connect with multiple electronic interfaces to consolidate your functions into one system.  You can easily capture signatures, record copies of IDs, and swipe credit cards.

  • Electronic Signatures

Save paper, ink, and filing time with our interface to capture electronic signatures.  You can have the guest sign for the charges, policies, or even sign a large document.  The signed document will then be recorded in the history tab of the reservation.

  • ID Scanner

Scan the Driver’s License or Passport direction into the guest record and have it stored for future reservations.


  • Credit Card Swipe Device

Swipe the credit card number directly into the software and have it stored for future use.  Then process the payment through our system; with a connection a payment Gateway through or PayPal.  No more double entry. 




Easy WebPOS (Restaurant/Gift Shop)

Connect your POS system directly with your reservation software. Guest charges easily transfer from the restaurant or gift shop directly to the guest portfolio.  Gain access to all your PMS and POS reports in one location. 


  • POS Interface

Touch Screen interface that works great on a computer or tablet allowing you to connect from any location at the property.  Gain easy access as an owner/manager from any location to stay on top of the activity in your POS system.  You can quickly push a charge to the guest room, add a promo code or discount, track your staff, and communicate between the waiter/waitress to the kitchen.


Stock Management Interface
Track your incoming stock/purchases and easily review what you need to order and where you have a surplice that needs to be promoted to your guest. 


Easy WebRez (Online Booking Engine)

Turn online visitors into paying customers with our complete hotel management software that manages your online booking engine and content management.  This system is a great addition to complement your current website, or you can replace your whole website with our one-stop solution that offers up to 7 pages.  
Control online booking directly by turning website visitors into guests with no double-booking.  Let the website do the work while you take care of your guest.


  • Booking Engine

Control your online bookings directly from our Easy InnKeeping PMS.  Our system allows you to manage multiple rates, yield management tools, special promotions, and various reservation rules.


  • CMS (Website Content Management)

Control your website content directly from our Easy InnKeeping PMS.  You will receive 7 pages that will allow you to promote your property, create a directions page, create a photo gallery, promote local activities, showcase your amenities, and so much more.  Easily upload your picture and update your content at any time, no need to wait for a webmaster anymore. 


OTA/GDSs (Travel Agents)

Control online booking directly by turning website visitors into guests with no double-booking.  Let the website do the work while you take care of your guest.

  • Direct Connects

Save money with Direct Connects to Expedia,, and Trip Advisor.  Control your availability and rates in one location and receive reservations directly from Expedia,, and Trip Advisor into the Easy InnKeeping PMS.


  • Connect to GDSs/OTAs

Promote your property to over 250,000 travel agents worldwide.  Be listed on many OTA’s such as Expedia, Orbitz, and

E-Connect (CRM)

Control Guest relations by automating your e-mail response to your guest. This is a great way to send Welcome Emails, Thank You messages, Birthday & Anniversary greetings, and 6 or 10 months follow-ups asking them to come and stay again.


  • Auto Email & Bulk Email

Use Auto email as a great way to send messages such as Thank You’s and yearly greetings to the old and new guests.  Use Bulk email to promote your property during slow times with special pricing.


  • SMS (text messages)

Send text messages to in-house guests or use our filters to send a message to any category of the guest to promote upcoming special/events.


  • Sales & Marketing Module

Reach out to local businesses and other organizations to promote your property.  Empower your sales team with the ability to manage sales communications and corporate accounts.

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Gracesoft has been serving the hospitality industry since 1999 and was one of the first PMS providers on the cloud in 2005.  We are looking forward to the opportunity of serving your business and providing you the tools you need to give you Easy Access from anywhere; an Easy to Use & Learn Solution, that is Comprehensive.