Easy InnKeeping improved efficiency and saved Hyde-a-Way Bay Resort money!


 “I switched Hyde-a-Way Bay Resort to Easy InnKeeping from Hotelogix in July 2018. After signing up with Hotelogix there immediately were disconnects in working with their support team. After about 6 months with Hotelogix, I decided to take a deeper into Easy InnKeeping and found that it truly has more capabilities than most cloud-based systems and is able to handle the complex nature of business that a seasonal resort presents. In particular I appreciate GraceSoft's support team, based in the US, always promptly answers. I like the fact that Easy InnKeeping’s support team never simply says "It can't do that." Almost always they have a workaround which, in my experience with Hotelogix and looking at other systems, is something that can't be beat. I also like the annual payment option, which leaves a lot more money in our business’s pocket. I estimate that Easy InnKeeping is saving Hyde-A-Way Bay approximately $700 a year in PMS cost.”



Erica Nagel, General Manager

Hyde-A-Way Bay Resort