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GraceSoft has been serving the hospitality industry since 1999

Benefits of Gracesoft's Easy Innkeeping Bed & Breakfast Booking Software


Streamlined management

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Improved guest experience

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Increased revenue

" We've been using them for almost Eight-year now. Their hotel booking engine system is so good. There is a lot of ability to customize your features in the program, and those are things that are very important because you can get a generic program that'll have pre-built-in things that may not fit what you want "

JP McCormick
Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch


Reservation Dashboard

Easy Innkeeping, named "Easiest to learn and easy to Use" by Innsightsmagazine, simplifies software for Bed and Breakfast, inns, hotels, and cabins.

  • Tablet & mobile friendly.
  • Colorful visual calendars to view the status of reservations.
  • Secure, PCI-compliant credit card processing and storage.
  • Integrated multiple reservation options such as monthly, package, group, and hourly reservations.

Reservation calendar

GraceSoft’s Easy Innkeeping Bed and Breakfast Reservation Calendar enables you to view a list of all the units on your property and reservations for a timeframe. You can choose to view rooms by monthly, weekly, and daily options.

* Allows you to drag and drop to move reservations from one day to another day / from one room type to another.

* Multiple room reservations.

* Assign Housekeeping status.

* The Room Status feature helps keep track of each room status by different color code.

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Make direct booking easier with our commission-free online booking engine

  • Seamless integration: Our online booking engine integrates with your website and social media pages, allowing your guests to book directly from your online presence, without having to switch to third-party booking platforms.
  •  Cost savings: By offering direct bookings on your website, Facebook, Google Hotels, and TripAdvisor you can save money on commission fees charged by third-party services.  
  • Easy booking process: Our user-friendly booking interface makes it easy for your guests to select their preferred room type, check availability, and complete their booking in just a few clicks. 
  • Instant confirmation: Our booking engine sends instant confirmation emails to your guests, confirming their reservation details and reducing the likelihood of booking errors or misunderstandings.  

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Gracesoft Auto payments

Auto payments

Our booking engine provides an option to process a payment at the time of booking. Additionally, the auto-payment option offers the ability for managers to set up the guest credit card to process the rest of the payment at the time of check-in, or any number of days before check-in. This enables the complete guest payment to be automated without any human intervention.

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Our B&B software provides you access to over 50 comprehensive reports to assist you in analyzing and navigating your business. These powerful reports enable you to verify operations, recognize trends, and make informed decisions with ease. Furthermore, you can export any report to Excel or PDF and use our wizard tool to generate custom reports. Below are some of the reports that we offer:

  • Payment & Tax Reports
  • Reservation Reports
  • Occupancy Reports
  • Night Audit Report
  • POS Reports
  • Housekeeping Reports
  • And many more!

GraceSoft integrates with all the leading booking platforms,
zero added commissions

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Eliminate Double Bookings with Our Bed and Breakfast Reservation Software

GraceSoft's Bed and Breakfast reservation system ensures that you never have to worry about double bookings again. Our system synchronizes reservations within seconds to provide seamless and accurate updates to multiple booking platforms. With GraceSoft's Easy Innkeeping B&B reservation system, you can focus on providing a top-notch guest experience, without the hassle and headaches of double bookings.

Auto email response

  • Auto Email feature allows you to send Emails automatically to the guest when a reservation has made.
  • Auto Emails can be scheduled to keep communication with guests automated. Pre-check-in emails can be sent to the guests days before they check in, and thank-you emails after they check out. Also, birthday emails and anniversary emails can all be sent on those dates automatically through the system.
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SMS/Text Messaging

When your guests book online or when you create their reservation in the PMS, they can now receive a confirmation SMS. You can use the SMS feature to send check-in reminders, thank you texts, and more!

House Keeping Module

  • Keep track of the status of each room with the housekeeping module, which allows you to assign housekeepers and update the status of each room to dirty, clean, or vacant from a single page. You can also add housekeeping notes to these statuses, so housekeepers can make notes, if anything is broken or needs repairs etc.
  • The Housekeeping Status function provides an overview of the housekeeping status of all the rooms in your property, which can be printed and distributed to your housekeeping staff as a worksheet.
  •  The Front Desk can easily be notified by the housekeeping team, when a room is clean or if a guest reports some problem in the unit. This is done from the calendar screen.
  • The Housekeeping Occupancy report provides a list of rooms based on the room occupancy for that day, which are used by the housekeeping staff

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Gracesoft Integration with payment gateways


Integration with payment gateways

Connect with multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, Square, Monoris, Authorize.Net., PayStack(Africa), Cashfree(India), shift 4 and PayPal

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Gracesoft Unified Inbox


Unified Inbox

Provides  two- way communication for both Email and text messages. All  guest communications streamlined
 in one single inbox 

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Optimize Revenue with Effective Yield Management 

Yield Management is a powerful strategy for maximizing your bed and breakfast's revenue potential. By analyzing data on demand, booking patterns, and market trends, Yield Management helps you set dynamic pricing that adapts to changes in demand, seasonality, and special events. Our Yield Management tools enable you to optimize your pricing strategy, identify opportunities for revenue growth, and make data-driven decisions that increase profitability. With our solution, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize your revenue potential.

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Customized Websites

Find the perfect website template for your property with our wide selection. With our flexible, easy-to-use website editor you can update or change your images and content to suit any need.

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