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GraceSoft’s Church Reservation System!

An easy to use reservation software! Congregants can reserve a seat at an upcoming service, event or church gathering.

 Due to Covid-19 many churches need a reservation software to manage attendance. The Church reservation system allows congregants to register online and know they will not be turned away at the entrance. Administration can set capacity limits for each service and send instant emails or texts to registered users.

Signing Up 



Visitor/Member Features
  • Online church reservation system
  • Links to your church web site
  • Members and visitors can reserve their seat from a phone, tablet or computer
  • Church visitor or member clicks on the link “Reserve a Seat”
  • Visitor or member selects the service, and enters the number of people to attend
  • Name and email registration is required to reserve
  • Once registered, the next time a visitor or member reserves they can enter their email to populate their name details.
  • Immediate confirmation messages is sent by email to the member
  • If the service is full, the member will receive a notification and will not be able to proceed with reserving a seat
Administration Features:
  • Administrator sets maximum capacity, time, date and description for each service
  • Existing member and email list in the excel format can be loaded in the Church Reservation system
  • Ability to customize the confirmation message sent to each person reserving online
  • Auto reminder emails can be setup and scheduled to send prior to the service
  • Administrator can setup additional user logins to cancel reservations, check -in at the door, or update attendance
  • Every user created will have access to view the reservation grid for each service.